I am currently moving.
Moving is very stressful, so I adopted a snail.

Small snail climbing on a finger and looking curiously ahead. There's a computer in the background.

Her name is Erika and she's adorable. Are you curious about snails? Would you like to know more about snail-keeping? No? Might I interest you with isopods or vivariums then?

This is a newfound hobby, and so I'm still an absolute beginner at this - and this section is a work in progress. Did I mention that moving is stressful?? Still, I hope you can find something of value here!
(Once I finish writing the actually sections. Sorry, I'm a bit in a hurry to publish the site as-is in this very moment, see you soon!)

My Critters

About Snails (wip)

Keeping land snails (wip wip!)

Keeping Isopods (coming sooner than later!)

Vivariums (coming later than sooner!)