Communal Cookbook

Just a place to share our favourite recipes - because sharing food is a love language.
You are encouraged to share your favourite recipes as well!
They don't need to be anything new, or fancy, or especially well-executed. Just things you think are delicious and you keep coming back to.

What do those symbols mean?

: Gluten Free (I personally can only eat GF, but only mark recipes as GF if none of the ingredients naturally contain gluten, or if it's a recipe that has been specifically reformulated to accomodate substitutions. Otherwise, I just swap regular flour for GF flour.)
: Meat (contains meat, fish, animal fat, etc)
: Vegetarian (contains animal products, but no meat)
: Vegan (no animal products)
Symbols in parenthesis like (VG) means that the recipe is not initially vegan/vegetarian, but the animal products in questions can be either left out or very easily replaced with no substantial issue. Conversely, (M) would mean that meat is not a main ingredient, but can be added to taste.


❧ Carrot Leaf Pesto by Ray
❧ "Thai inspired" Rice with Cabbage and Carrots by Ray


❧ Struffoli by Ray
❧ Pastiera (Gluten Free variant) ()/() by Ray