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Communal Sections

To submit something to this website's communal sections, just send an email! :D Please include [Pet], [Recipe], or [Plant] in the object.

Your name will show up alongside your submission. You're free to choose any nickname.
If you have a personal website, blog, social page etc, send me a link to it for me to hyperlink on your name (so that a visitor can get connected to your website)!
(As a rule, I will not link to pages that advertise/try to sell something.)
You're also free to be completely anonymous - choose any random nickname! Your email will not be shared here of course.

If you'd like something you send to be deleted, just send me another email with the same email address you used on the first time, so I know it's you.
HOWEVER, only send over pictures/names/links that you are comfortable with staying online forever. Personal websites like these get sometimes saved on the Wayback Machine for archival purposes. So you might get caught in the snapshot as well! In general, please be cautious about what you share online.


Do you have a recipe to share that you think somebody else will like? Send it over!
I will need at least an ingredients list, and a small description for the instructions.
Pics, artwork, stories, are optional but encouraged! ♡


At least one photo and a brief text! 5 photos/artworks max!
Feel free to send over multiple fellows!
Any species is appreciated so feel free to send over critter from any clade, so long as they live with you/you actively take care of them :D
If you wish, feel free to specify a colour/image for the background of their popup window, as well as a color for their name, otherwise I will use the default. <3

Let's have a chat?

Feel free to write me at for any personal chitchat!

I'm a friendly person, and appreciate talking about anything! Feel free to send over anything you think I might find nice/interesting, & start a conversation about any topic. I am happy to chat about anything, so long as it's in good faith!

However... I might not respond for months on end. If this happens: I'm so sorry, and it's not your fault - please be patient with me. I talk a bit about this in the about-me page.
I still appreciate getting emails and chatting very much!
If I haven't responded in quite a bit, please ping me/send me another email, there's a good chance I opened it, wrote out an entire response in my head, then got distracted and forgot all about it.
(I'm genuinely sorry!)

- Be nice! I'm a human!
- I appreciate and follow yesterweb's Social Etiquette. I try to always assume good faith and speak sincerely. I would appreciate you do the same! ♡
- Please don't try to sell me stuff or flirt with me. I'm very taken and very not buying!