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Hello! If you've visited this site in the past, you might've noticed things have changed around here! :D
I've been meaning to re-do this site from scratch for a while, and now I feel like I have enough new changes to show for it.

For one, the code was a complete mess, and adding anything to it was always a challenge.
I've tried my best to keep things nice and clean now. Feel free to snoop around and grab any of the code from this site!

I also have been thinking about what this online space means to me. I would like for this to be a place that does not exist just for myself, but rather something that could be of value for someone else as well.

In any case - for now, welcome to my digital cozy place! Make yourself at home, and feel free to look around. Stay a while, won't you?

My name is Ray, but also Annalisa or Anna. I'm a person from Italy with too many passions to count and too much enthusiasm to keep inside. Among all these little passions there is a lot of love for personal blogs and websites - a neighborhood of windows to peek in, each window showcasing something dear to a certain person. This is my little window - like a garden, I curate it, rearrange every page and icon just for the sake of doing so.
I hope you can find something interesting, or fascinating, or pretty - something consistent that you can take home with you - or even just a novel perspective on the internet!

✦News & Updates✦

09/04/2024: Added some more buttons and some small fixes. Currently sharing Vi Hart's "Totality" video and a picture of Fragola on homepage.

31/03/2024: Happy Easter! Currently sharing the Pastiera recipe and Techdog 3 on homepage. Added a couple more cursors for when you hover on hyperlinks, some decorations, and tried to improve readability thanks to Solaria's Accessibility Guides. Life has otherwise been overwhelming, and I didn't get much of anything done.

22/03/2024: Small fixes here and there.

20/03/2024: site just got a rehaul! :D Happy first day of spring! On homepage: Techdog 1 and a dog friend.

Old Updates/Log03/11/2022 Joined the Yesterweb Ring! Made the index page scrollable since I need to keep this webring in there to have it work. I hope this is visible / clear enough like this, otherwise I'll put it at the top of the page!
06/10/2022 Added a "links" section with links to other sites, an "hoard" section to store graphics in, and I joined/applied for a few webrings. Still figuring out where to keep all the webrings eventually - Ideally I'd like to keep them on the sidebars, but I'm running out of space. I can make my frontpage longer like all the other pages, but idk I feel a little sad that the background won't show as much anymore on the landing page. I guess we'll see!
05/10/2022 Added a blog section. Something happened that made me need to write again, and now I've taken a liking to it. Updates there will be slow, and stuff in there might get a bit corny. Please don't bully me for it. :') I have a couple other things I want to write for now, and it's a good opportunity for me to practice writing in English!
13/09/2022 Got added in the italian webring! :D added it to my page, still trying to get it to work on index.html. Removed chat from the side (sad but it was virtually unusable), and put it in its own page. Will put more trinkets in its place!
Also created a button to link back to me. I want to make more, but struggle with readability.
12/09/2022 - Tried to fix some css stuff that made the site especially weird to look at. Now the chatbox shouldn't almost clip into the main center content, hooray!
Added links to sadgrl, yesterweb, neocities and firefox on the footer.
Added a "plants" page.
Added (optional) music.

✦To do✦
✦ Write the pages to go in the "plants" section! And find a way to display a gallery.
✦ Having figured out a way to have a gallery, finally add galleries to the "art" section.
✦ Translate everything into italian as well. Figure out a way to have a bilingual site! Maybe just make a duplicate of everything? :(
✦ Actually talk to people too!!!
✦ Oh right! The freeware section
✦ Undertale shrineee but its gonna be a big project since I never know how to compromise
✦ Next blog post spoilers: the unexpected beauty of being an artisan rather than an artist, and progressive cyberbullying
✦ A section for song lyrics I translate. I really like to translate song lyrics in my spare time sometimes. I'm not good but I really love it.

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