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✦Webrings I'm a part of!✦

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Some of these are still to be fully explored by me, but seem interesting, Others are beloved sites!

✦Angolo Italofono✦

Siti, iniziative o gruppi carini/interessanti, non necessariamente già ben esplorati!

Hacker Spaces in Italia presi dritti dritti dalla mappa, attivi al gennaio 2023:✦
La Scuola Open Source (Bari)
Verdebinario (Cosenza)
AvANa - AVvisi Ai NAviganti (Roma)
HackLab Terni (Terni)
Eigenlab (Pisa)
Rootclub (Forlì-Cesena)
Muhack (Brescia)
POuL (Politecnico Open unix Labs) (Milano)
Mittelab (Trieste)
SciFabLab (Miramare)


✦My buttons!✦

If you'd like to be affiliates, shoot me an email or a message somewhere! And we can link eachother's sites. I know most of these buttons have readability issues, I'll get around to making some proper ones later on! =)